Simple, Transparent, Discreet


Selling your valuables to VERMA is seamless and transparent. We are the premier international buyers of diamonds, jewelry, watches and fine gems. 


Upon completion of our get started form, you will receive a phone call and/or email with confirmation of your appointment or if you are unable to make it into our office we have an Insured & Secure Overnight Mail option.


Upon your arrival to our secure location in New York City, South Carolina,  Atlanta, or New Jersey  we will pair you with one of our expert buyers best suited to the valuables you are looking to sell. Our experts have generations of experience and are constantly purchasing and selling valuables in the market place. If you are utilizing our Insured Mail In program, upon receipt of your items our professionals will contact you and discuss each of the steps in our process. If you opted to utilize our mail in service, once we receive your items in the mail our professionals will contact you via phone call or e-mail and go through the appraisal process with you and provide a timeline.


Our appraisal evaluations are done on a piece by piece basis. We evaluate the market value of each individual item according to an extensive criteria. Our professional appraisers are all certified by GIA along with many other professional accreditations and affiliations. VERMA GROUP utilizes state of the art diamond grading equipment in our offices to evaluate and appraise your valuables.


We offer a risk free appraisal along with immediate payment options.

Once one of our knowledgeable professionals values your item(s) we will give you a piece by piece firm offer. We will present you a payment sheet and upon acceptance you will receive payment via Check, Bank Wire, or PayPal as per your request.

If in any circumstance our offer is not tailored to your satisfaction, there is no risk or fee involved with your appraisal. Visit us in our New York, New Jersey, Atlanta, or Connecticut office today or Ask us about our Insured Mail-in program.