Tiffany & Co. Emerald Cut Engagement Ring

Here is a classic Tiffany & Co. 1.75ct emerald cut diamond engagement ring. This piece is set in platinum with two tapered baguettes flanking the center diamond. This piece is simple, elegant, and classy. Tiffany & Co. is one of the worlds most highly sought after fine jeweler and there is no mystery why. From the craftsmanship of their pieces to the hand selected near perfect diamonds they set in all of their jewelry, every piece is fit for a King or Queen. 

In the secondary market, Tiffany & Co. demands a premium as there is always a high demand for their fine jewelry. 

Emerald Cut Diamonds

We love our emerald cut diamonds. This one in particular is a 2.90ct H-VS1, with certification and paperwork from GIA. This gem fell into "Ideal" proportions and had an Excellent polish as well as an Excellent symmetry. With all of that said, these characteristics bring a premium in price as they are extremely rare to find such a well cut diamond of this size and quality. 

This was a piece purchased from a client in our Short Hills location at the end of February. Our professionals are always seeking high end and fine quality gems such as this one. If you are in the market to have an heirloom evaluated or appraised, feel free to contact us today. 


Vintage & Antique Engagement Rings

One of our favorite pieces to evaluate, appraise, and add to our collection are vintage/antique engagement rings. The piece we have posted here is a 1860's Ruby & Old Mine cut diamond engagement ring in pristine condition. We were able to acquire this piece at our Short Hills office recently from the original estate owner. 

Pieces that are kept in great condition from the 1800's and early 1900's demand a premium, and are highly sought after in todays secondary and estate jewelry market. 

If you have pieces which are antique and were passed down from generations, please give us a call. 


Recent Purchase: Ideal Cut Diamond

We recently acquired this 3.00ct H SI1 XXX GIA certified diamond. Diamonds with the triple excellent characteristic carry a large premium as it takes a certain level of precision and care to have a diamond cut, polished, and calculated to earn this connotation. 

Our client was able to put a downpayment on a plot of land in Williamsburg with the payment sum we provided her with. What is going to be built on that land? 26 unit condominium unit. 

We wish her the best, and look forward to doing more business with her. 


Van Cleef & Arpels - Lotus Diamond Ring

The brand VAN CLEEF & ARPELS is regarded as one of the highest quality and intricately crafted jewelry house. A walk on 5th avenue past the window of their flagship location would make your mouth water.... and thats just from the 2-3 pieces they have in the window display! Walk into this beautiful jewelry boutique and let your eyes feast on the aesthetics of finely crafted gem stone jewelry, large diamonds, staple designs, and some of the most unique pieces you have ever encountered. 

Here we have a piece which we fell in love with on first sight. It is a double finger ring, from their LOTUS line. The ring presents a design of a lotus flower and its petals. The diamonds are set pave style, and are of the highest quality. 

We have the ring pictured here standing still, but on a finger it looks ever more spectacular... if that is even possible!

VERMA values the intricate designs and fine craftsmanship in signed pieces. 

CUSHION Cut Diamonds

Here is a pair of cushion cut diamonds we just acquired from a client who decided it was time to trade up to one large cushion cut! These two diamonds are a combined weight of 3.55ct and our client decided she wanted to purchase a single cushion cut of a whopping 6.25ct! We turned both of her earrings into an engagement ring!  

We specialize in custom engagement rings and bridal jewelry, and many of our clients in the area and nationally trust us with the design of their special pieces. If you have an inspiration with what you would like to create, please let us know! We have an entire department dedicated to custom designed jewelry and bridal engagement rings. 

Visit us in our Manhattan, NY office or our Atlanta, GA location today. 

Art Deco Engagement Ring's

Nowadays the art deco craze is on! These antique 1920-1940's engagement rings are bringing in record prices in private sales as well as wholesale trading. This particular engagement ring features a near 1 carat center stone set in platinum with sapphires and old single cut diamonds pave set around the head. There is also an add-on wedding band to this ring which surrounds the engagement ring from top to bottom. 

Verma is an extremely interested buyer of era and dated pieces such as Art Deco, Victorian, Art Nouveau, Georgian, etc. 

Visit us today if you are interested in having your valuables appraised and have an offer placed. 

Diamond Studs

Here we have a beautiful pair of 2.25ct each J color and SI clarity studs. The diamond studs are one of the most classic pieces of jewelry for milestone gifts. Anniversary's, birthday, weddings, engagement's, promotions, graduations, push presents are just to name a few of the big events on which diamond studs commonly find themselves in a gift box! 

THE VERMA GROUP purchases, sells, and trades up on all diamond jewelry. 

This particular set of studs was traded to us for a pair of 3.50ct each H SI1 diamond studs. We delivered the finished product on Monday, and our clients could not be happier! 

Visit us today if you are in the market to sell, purchase, or trade up on your jewelry.