We have a history which dates back 3 generations of diamond cutters, appraisers, jewelry experts, and signed piece specialists. Put your trust in our knowledge, deal with the professionals at The Verma Group to evaluate and appraise your valuables. 


VERMA GROUP is the industry leader and pioneer in the purchasing of diamonds, signed pieces, fine watches and estate jewelry from the public. Our transactions are 100% confidential and risk free. Our professionals have a vast pool of evaluation and appraisal experience. As one of the largest diamond jewelry buyers, we have acquired over 100,000 carats of diamonds in the course of our 3 generations of family run ownership and operation. In addition to graduating from GIA’s Graduate Diamond training program, our professional’s boast degrees at the highest caliber. Learn more about each of our professionals.



Our Professionals

Dr. Gaurav Verma, DPM. GIA GD
Estate Jewelry, Fancy Color Diamonds

Dr. Verma is the director of VERMA GROUP in New York and is the head of our certified diamond and designer jewelry sector. With a plethora of knowledge in high-end luxury jewelry and investment grade diamonds he is able to value and appraise a wide array of diamonds in tune with the international market prices.

Gaurav obtained his Bachelors degree from NYIT. Following this he obtained his medical education at NYCPM in Manhattan. Gaurav is also graduate from the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Graduate Diamonds Program.

Amit K. Verma, MBA. GIA GD
Large Diamonds, Fine Timepieces

Amit’s jewelry career began on Manhattan’s esteemed 47th St (Diamond District). As a wholesaler of GIA Certified diamonds, Mr. Verma has evaluated and graded a countless number of stones. Now, as the director of national operations and specifically our Atlanta, Stamford, and Washington D.C division he is constantly traveling between states and acquiring collection and investment grade diamonds & fine estate jewelry from the trade and public. Amit also has expertise in the manufacturing of rough diamonds from the point in which they are removed from the earth to the cutting and polishing process into a finished diamond set into an engagement ring. This extensive knowledge base and experience is an asset to our clients seeking the most absolute competitive evaluation in tune with the market.


Amit obtained his Bachelor’s degree from Hofstra University, and Masters Degree from Kennesaw State University. Amit is also graduate from the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Graduate Diamonds Program. 

Kamni C. Verma, CPA, GIA GD
Signed Pieces, Luxury Jewelry

Kamni is the head of VERMA GROUP’s New York based diamond purchasing program from private clients. In a typical day she will evaluate anywhere from 20-30 diamonds with sizes ranging from one carat stones to upwards of five carats!  In addition to this, Mrs. Verma also designs and handcrafts custom engagement rings for clients.


Kamni completed her undergraduate degree and graduated with Honors from Hofstra University. Mrs. Verma holds the professional title of Certified Public Accountant (CPA). Kamni is also graduate from the Gemological Institute of America’s (GIA) Graduate Diamonds Program.


Frequently Asked Question's

What forms of payment are offered?

Payment can be issued in Check, Wire Transfer, Direct Deposit or PayPal. Once you decide to accept an offer, please let us know which payment method you prefer.

How long will I expect to wait for an offer?

Your offer will be submitted to you within a few minutes of our appraisal. All our evaluations are done on the spot and immediately.

If I decline, is there any charge to me?

There is absolutely no charge, our evaluation and appraisal process is 100% Risk Free.

What are the requirements to sell to VERMA GROUP?

All of our clients must be over the age of 18 and must be the primary owner of the property you wish to sell. Please view out Terms & Conditions and Privacy Policy for more legal information.

Is there any minimum or maximum?

We have the capability to make purchases of $500 USD and upwards of $5 million USD.

How is the value of my item determined?

We settle the price of your valuables by considering a few main components which drive value on fine jewelry and diamonds: Quality, Intrinsic Value, Market Demand, Era, Signed or Designer.

Should I Include paperwork & certificates?

Absolutely. If you have any paperwork or certificates which accompany your diamond or jewelry please bring them along with you.

Is there any obligation to complete the transaction?

There is no obligation to accept any offer by VERMA GROUP. We will provide an offer sheet along with the return of your valuables, which will be valid for a 30 day period.

Does VERMA GROUP purchase Clarity Enhanced and Treated Diamonds?

We do purchase Clarity Enhanced and Treated Diamonds.

Can I make an appointment to come in to your office?

Yes. If you are in the tri-state area and would like to visit, please contact us to set up a private appointment. We love to meet with our clients face to face and create an educational experience as well as a successful transaction.

Do you also purchase the gold, platinum, and smaller diamonds that my diamond is set with?

Absolutely. We even pay high premiums for designer signed pieces. If we feel that your jewelry is very well made or has a unique quality to it, we add additions percentage points to our offer!